Individuality and Community go hand in hand

Uncharted Waters of Impulse

Where am I? I can’t see in this fog ……. I thought I knew where I was going …..oh, and

“wonderful” – here’s the rain!

I’ll be soaked even before I arrive!


What’s that light?

AGHHHHH!!! Darn that tree branch! Muddy too …..

Oh, my God, the trip ups never end …

AGHHHHH!!!!! Falling on my bum! I think I’ll just sit here and get rained on!


Keep breathing – it’s getting colder and darker. “S-L-U-R-P” – Ugh, getting my feet

unstuck – “S-L-U-R-P” – from the mud…

If I wait, the mud will only get thicker – – –

I can still see that light through the trees.




“S-L-O-S-H”, “S-L-O-S-H”, “S-L-O-S-H” – this feels like an eternity, but the light is definitely getting closer!


OH! Here’s a clearing – and, W-H-A-A-A-AT?????? it’s just a light for the entrance to an oil field !!!???

Yikes! I thought it’d be a house …….

How do you get in this gate?…….

Do I want to get in this gate? …….

NOT SURE  W-H-E-R-E  TO TURN …….Oh, the sky is getting lighter – that must be east …….


I’ll find my way towards the sunrise. Thankfully, I’m out of the trees and in the

chaparral!  Mmmmm ……. must have brushed against some of that great aromatic

sagebrush plant.  That aroma ……. Yes, that aroma from the hills of my Southern

California hikes in my youth.  W-O-W!!!  Now I know reaching home is possible!

I’ll just keep on keeping on toward the sunrise.


When the dawn came, I’d reached a stream with large boulders. I rested on a boulder

for a little bit only, as I had to keep moving to stay warm.


I followed the stream until I did see a home – but with no lights. It looked abandoned.

I gently pushed on the front door as I turned the knob. It did not give; same thing

happened at the back door.


All I could do was to continue following the stream……. It took me to the Pacific Ocean

just as the sun’s rays were breaking through some morning clouds – at least I could

finally feel the warmth, and dry out!

Version 2



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