Individuality and Community go hand in hand


After years of not touching a sewing machine,

I purchased a “starter” one,

found simple instructions online – to sew cloth dinner napkins,

and selected the fabric from a local store.
It turned out that, when I pulled a thread to get a straight edge on the fabric,

the cut line on the other end was so angled

there was not enough fabric for four napkins! What to do?
I took the short shrift fabric to a sewing teacher at the shop where I purchased my

machine, but she just said to “fudge” when sewing the napkins.

I have only basic sewing skills, and have not yet learned how to fudge …

and I don’t really want to. Fudge in one part of your life and it shows up in other areas – that’s what I’ve found.
Well, I figured I’d have to cut the pattern down – by half an inch.

Just chalk up that bad fabric cut to experience, and compromise with smaller napkins.


Immediately I could feel my conscience, which I have

learned to listen to, rebel!  It was saying, “That’s a form of fudging!  Why not just ask the fabric shop where you

bought it if they have an idea to rectify your dilemma?”


Leaving the sewing machine shop, I drove directly there, and walked in with the short

shrift yard of fabric and the 18” square napkin pattern.  I laid the fabric, with pinned

pattern, on the counter, and said to the sales woman, “I don’t know

what to do”.  I pointed out that there was no longer the full yard of fabric needed.

Right away her answer came back – “Oh, that’s a bad cut. Let me get you another piece

–  with an extra inch, so that doesn’t happen again.”  My earlier prayers for a

beautiful day had been answered!  Somewhat in awe of the honesty on both our parts,

I expressed my gratitude, and then quietly  picked out a seam ripper I had been

needing.  After purchasing it from the same sales lady, I again thanked her.


It was a warm joyous expanding feeling I experienced as I drove out

of the parking lot. Not only had my sewing material been restored; I had found the

courage to be honest, and the grace to be kind, and experienced those in the social fabric of my day!

by Jobina

Photo at top  copyright by Erin Dollar.  Used by permission.  See photo at Ms. Dollar’s blog post:        http://blog.cottonandflax.com/?s=Bolt


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