Individuality and Community go hand in hand

“Don’t Tell Your Mother”


Photo by Eric E Castro (more info. below)

“Let’s all gang up against that girl.

Don’t let her sit with us at lunch

Better yet, squish her lunch!

Whatever you do, don’t tell your mother!”
So were the bully’s instructions; and we all fell in line!

The next picture that I drew coming home on the bus had the words

“Down with school

I hate it.”

My Dad, who saw it first, questioned me about it, but I never divulged my secret …

to him nor to my mother, even when I was the one who was singled out to be ostracized.
My intuition told me what the bully was doing was wrong,

but I felt I had no resources.

Once my older sister saw that I was being bothered about my lunch,

and she stood up for me.
Then one day I was goaded into playing little pranks in the classroom.

But, who got in trouble that day? I did. I was the one

who was sent to the Principal’s office.
From that day forward,

On came layers of clothing – every day!

Most often I wore at least a vest – anything that would protect

and separate me from further social cruelty.


Had I only known, as it turned out, that the bully

was hurting worse than any of us.

Long after college graduation, George from

my fourth grade class said what a tough time that bully had gone through –

up through her high school years. George didn’t know what had become of her afterwards.


Hmmm … no more hiding trouble

Let it be exposed to the light with courtesy,

and seen for what it is

and don’t worry about the outcome.


by Jobina

Photo by Eric E Castro, titled “Principal’s Office” (No changes were made to photo)
link to photo:
Principal's Office
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Individuality and Community go hand in hand

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