Individuality and Community go hand in hand

Dialoging toward Home


Dialoging toward Home

Self:   Yes. I have a self-centered life. So what?

I’ve heard, and I believe, that there are no standards for human action.

The only truth I know is the one meant to be stretched.

Conscience:   Is truth that changes still true?
A true standard is found in living that which is eternally true.

Self:   That way of life takes too long,

So I’ll just piggy back on a friend’s success!

I’m staying in my self-made world where I don’t need a conscience!

Conscience:   This is running away from the center of life!

Self:   Is that why there’s emptiness at my center – a hollow place, a numbness?

I keep trying to ignore it, but somehow that makes it grow!

Oh, as a child I knew honesty and caring! … when did the numbing begin?

Conscience:   Pleasing self, rather than conscience,
we find ourselves in a void.

Self:   That void started when I was in school. I didn’t stand up to that bully; I wanted to be liked,

but the bully kept turning on me. I see now, it never worked – except on me …

my mistake worked on me. Horribly, I, too, have become a bully.

Conscience:   We find it takes standing up for our conscience
to have true friends.

Self:   Aghhhhh – How can I be living with this ghost of an identity?

Do I take my own life to escape the numbness and pain?

I could set up a suicide that would make it look like I was a martyr …

Conscience:   There’s no escape; but making conscience
our most important friend will lead to honest living, not death.

Self:   It looks like I have no choice.

I must start my life over with honesty. That sounds gratifying …

but how can I accomplish such a turn around?

Conscience:   Honesty is the humbling power – it lets us feel the eternal Spirit as our center.
We close the door on self-centered living once and for all time.
We hear and follow the leadings of Spirit, divine Love.                                                       Then we’re at home – in our conscience.

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Individuality and Community go hand in hand

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